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Test Of Legal English (TOLES)

Exploring TOLES: Elevating Legal English Proficiency

TOLES, serves as a specialised assessment designed to gauge the proficiency of international lawyers and law students in the realm of legal English. Unlike standard English language examinations, TOLES delves into the distinct language required for navigating the intricacies of cross-border contracts and international commercial law. This nuanced skill set stands apart from the language prerequisites for passing general English exams or pursuing LLB and LLM degrees.

At its core, TOLES examinations rigorously evaluate the specific vocabulary and grammatical intricacies essential for comprehending and crafting cross-border contracts in English. Beyond this, TOLES addresses the language essentials indispensable for confidently engaging with international commercial liabilities and intricate financial matters.

Inaugurated in the year 2000, the TOLES exams represent a collaborative effort between Cambridge Law Studio Limited and Global Legal English Limited. Notably, the certificates awarded upon successful completion of TOLES exams possess perpetual validity, a testament to the enduring value they bestow.

Aptly termed as the "Test of Legal English Skills," TOLES directly assesses the language aptitude requisite for non-native English-speaking lawyers to excel in the realm of international commercial law. The demands of commercial legal English markedly diverge from the conventions of everyday language or the linguistic requisites of pursuing legal studies with esteemed UK or US universities.

In an era where precise communication in legal matters holds paramount importance, TOLES examinations provide international lawyers and law students a platform to substantiate their linguistic prowess within specialized domains highly esteemed by prospective employers. These domains encompass diverse areas such as international commercial negotiations, the formulation of company documents, and the meticulous drafting of cross-border contracts in English.

Furthermore, the journey of preparing for and undertaking a TOLES exam stands as a valuable preparatory phase for international lawyers aspiring to undertake the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE). The synergy between TOLES and the SQE course underscores the significance of TOLES as a stepping stone towards a successful career in the global legal landscape.

TOLES encompasses three distinct levels of examination:

The TOLES Foundation Exam

  • This marks the initial tier of TOLES assessment.

  • Geared towards those with a basic to lower intermediate grasp of legal English.

  • Administered as a 90-minute online examination.

  • Evaluates proficiency in English legal vocabulary.

  • Assesses fundamental elementary/lower intermediate English grammar skills.

The TOLES Higher Exam

  • Positioned as the second echelon of TOLES examination.

  • Tailored for individuals possessing intermediate competency in legal English.

  • Conducted as a 90-minute online examination.

  • Gauges adeptness in English legal vocabulary.

  • Appraises essential intermediate/upper intermediate English grammar proficiency.


The TOLES Advanced Exam

  • Represents the apex of TOLES assessment, denoting the third tier.

  • Geared for those with an upper intermediate to advanced command of legal English.

  • Executed as a 120-minute online examination.

  • Tests aptitude in English legal vocabulary.

  • Measures competence in high intermediate/advanced English grammar.


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