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Cambridge Preparation Teacher Training

You will find short videos that help you prepare your students extremely well for these exams as with over 70 years of experience we know what works and what doesn't and how to best prepare students for the exam but not only, we especially focus on the tricky parts of the exam. Come learn with us tried and tested ways to help you get them ready for their great achievement!

We will provide one or two videos weekly which will focus on one of the levels of the Cambridge exam and activities that help you help your student to perform at their best. The videos will not be long as we know as teachers time is of the essence. Watch the video and put it into practice. We will also have downloadable materials to help you get the best out of these videos and materials that we use. We aim to keep it simple and realistic so that you can achieve great results but not'll allow your students to be motivated, learn and look forward to the next class. A happy student is a successful one!

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