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I am Antonio, known by many as Mr C. I am the exams administrator at Knightsbridge.  During the years I have become responsible for dealing with enrolments, ensuring  you and your students get your certificates and am part of the customer support service.


I am also the person responsible for ensuring that the exam sessions run as smoothly as possible and that candidates have a stress free experience if possible. You will often see me at sessions as the venue manager helping the team on the exam days.


On a personal level I enjoy my quiet time in a calm space. I enjoy good and late Sunday lunches with the family. On my days off I like reading a good book and listening to music.

My name is Rui Silva and have a Degree in Business Management and Accounting.  I joined Knightsbridge in 2012 when it opened and started as the accountant but as we have grown so has my role. I have become the office manager and my jobs include accepting enrolments and supporting schools in this area as well as carrying out all the financial tasks at Knightsbridge and managing human resources.   I am also part of Knightsbridge’s customer support via phone or email.


Personally, I love everything that nature has to offer such as the sea and beaches. I also have a passion for tropical fish and like to listen to good classical music and good TV series.


I am Lucy Bravo, Managing Director of Knightsbridge. I came to Portugal in 1995 and have since done a CELTA, DELTA, have a Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Diploma, MSc in ELT Management (University of Surrey) and a Diploma in the Theory and Practice of Language Testing (University of Reading) among others. I have worked in exams for over 25 years and opened Knightsbridge in 2012 to be able to serve schools and students with my vision of how people and schools must be supported.  

I am a teacher first and foremost, but also a teacher trainer for several institutions.  I work closely with my schools and help them enhance their success and ensure that not only do I uphold the Cambridge name but that I boost the reputation of the schools we work with.


I am a lifelong learner and am currently being mentored by some of the greatest business minds on this planet to grow my business and ensure that we serve everyone that works with us with excellence.  Many will know that I have a passion for travelling and photography. I am an animal lover and financially support animals all over the world including Portugal. I also love doing volunteer work.

YOUR potential is OUR inspiration.

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