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We are an approved Cambridge Linguaskill Centre.

Our Expertise, Your Confidence - Get Certified with Linguaskill

Innovative, fast, flexible, convenient

Linguaskill, The accurate English test with fast results
Developed by Cambridge Assessment English, part of the University of Cambridge

For education institutions and employers
Linguaskill measures the English language level of candidates or employees
Two versions of the test are available:

  • General

  • Business

Covering all four language skills - speaking, writing, listening and reading

Choose which of these skills you want to test

  • Linguaskill has been trialled by speakers of over 40 languages from 50 countries making Linguaskill accurate and reliable.

  • Individual or group reports generated within 48 hours, clearly showing the scores for each skill and aligned to international standards (CEFR) allowing you to make informed decisions and compare performance.

  • Online and using Artificial Intelligence technology

  • Linguaskill allows you to run and invigilate the test at your own site, at any time.


Find out how you can simplify your English language testing by contacting us at

Click the link and you will find useful tips to help you prepare for Reading & Listening, Writing and Speaking

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If you want to know how you will be assessed you will find the respective assessment criteria for each module in the links below:

- speaking

- writing 

For free practice test and sample writing tests click here.

Apply for Linguaskill:

Download the application form

Make the payment by bank transfer

Send in your form and proof of payment to: 

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Enrol for Linguaskill

and get a 

FREE copy of Linguaskill Mastery to help you prepare!

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