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Accessing Results

When will my results be available?

You will find this date on your Confirmation of Entry next to the codes you need to register to access your results online as soon as they are available. See below how you can share your results with your future institution, employer, etc. 


Candidate Results Online access

A candidate can register to view their exam result online by entering an ID number and a secret number on the candidate results website. The candidate is given their ID and secret number on their Confirmation of Entry.

Institutional Results Verification Service

The Results Verification Service (RVS) allows recognising organisations to check the authenticity of Cambridge English results. The service is secure, easy to use and means you can be certain that a candidate’s result is valid.

Exams taken before 2005 cannot be verified using the Results Verification Service. 

Exams that are not available on the Results Verification Service (e.g: teaching qualifications, exams taken before 2005, etc.) can be verified using the Manual Verification Request form for recognising organisations, here

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