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We provide YOU the training you need, to live the life YOU deserve


How to get the grade you need with the best IELTS preparation course!

After 30 years of preparing students successfully in Portugal we are now opening our doors to a global audience. We have been helping Portuguese students follow their dreams so why not reach out to the WORLD and share our expertise with all those who need it.


Effective Teaching

Inner Circle

Join our teacher membership site where you will get weekly videos and notes on a topic related to EFL teaching and allow you to put into practice the tip on a weekly basis.

You will also be part of a motivated mastermind group that will meet monthly for your Q & As. 

Grant Cardone Licensee Program -

Your potential is our business

We can help small businesses grow by 25% in 6 months. We'll teach you the secret world-class strategies & tactics used by huge corporations through online or face-to-face training. You will learn from the best and achieve your business goals faster than you think. 

You can find us among the best: 

If you want to find out more email me at 

NB: Portugal-only for now

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