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English Literature Admissions Test (ELAT)


The ELAT is a pre-interview admissions test for applicants to undergraduate courses in English at the University of Oxford. The test is designed to enable applicants to show their ability in the key skill of close reading, paying attention to such elements as the language, imagery, allusion, syntax, form and structure of the passages set for comment.


For students applying for the following courses at the University of Oxford (All are required to take the English Literature Admissions Test):

English Language and Literature (Q300),
Classics and English (QQ38 and QQH8),
English and Celtic (QQ35),
English and Czech (with Slovak) (QR37),
English and French (QR31),
English and German (QR32),
English and Italian (QR33),
English and Modern Greek (QQ37),
English and Portuguese (QR35),
English and Russian (QRH7), and
English and Spanish (QR34)

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